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Gan Preschool – Gan Daycare

Gan Preschool

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IMG_0233Teaching young children ages 2-4 involves taking student’s interests and letting that guide their learning.   Before they can be “successful” learners, they must develop physical skills, which have been proven by educational researchers to be necessary pre-requisite’s to more sophisticated learning and critical thinking exercises. Successful development of these skills leads children to positive feelings of self-worth and creative thinking abilities.  Research shows starting Preschool at an early age is the key to future success and learning.

Our program builds the “whole child” through physical growth, social growth, emotional growth and intellectual growth.

  1. Physical Growth…. Our indoor gym helps children develop motor and muscle skills necessary for further learning…..fosters hand-eye coordination ….takes into consideration the growth patterns of the individual child and tailors program to the needs of and ability of the young child.
  2. Social Growth…..teaches and models appropriate and acceptable behavior in dealing with others…reinforces a positive sense of values enabling social growth….recognizes the unique qualities and individual strengths of each child.
  3. Emotional Growth… Considers the development of a positive sense of self-worth a priority ….provides a nurturing and “transitional experience” for the child who is just starting to assert independence and accomplish separation from parent figure ….emphasizes free expression of feelings and acknowledges the validity of feelings.
  4. Intellectual Growth….provides age-appropriate, hands-on experiences, using concrete and familiar material coming from the child’s natural environment….incorporates art, math, writing, reading, social studies and physical education…emphasizes the development of self-help skills leading to independent action and thought this leads to the development of the creative mind….provides positive re-enforcement rather than negative criticism…promotes the development of creative, productive, active, independent, self-sufficient, imaginative, expressive and happy children.

 The day in the “Two & Fours” is set up as such:IMG_0315

The children come in; they have breakfast which provides an opportunity to have meaningful conversations with their peers.

  1. Circle Time provides a time for the children to have a structured lesson (English). This includes the weather (science), days of the week and calendar (math), reading a story with the current theme helps with comprehension and letter recognition   The Hebrew portion includes the Alef-Bet and the Holidays, Blessing and be kind to one another. Learning the Hebrew language through stories read in Hebrew and songs in Hebrew.
  1. Center TimeArt Time the children will go to different centers in the room. They choose which center they want to start their day by placing their name in that center. This builds independence and patience, the children will see when a “spot” opens up and they now can play in that center. During center time the children will be called over to work in small groups with the teacher. This incorporates arts & crafts to follow class theme.
  2. Gym Time /Outdoor Play- gross motor skills are used. Following directions are reinforced.
  3. Lunch Time- Hot kosher and nutrition meals. Includes meat and dairy on different days. Includes     carbs and vegetables and fruits. Menu available.
  4. Naptime
  5. Snack and Story Time /Music
  6. Dismissal / After School

Registration must be done enough to secure a spot the following year, Gan program for ages 2-4 is available for 10 months or 12 month program.

For registration please call the office to schedule a tour at the center. 718-338-7575


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